Dog Bite Attorneys

In the United States, many people have dogs as pets because they are friendly and make good companions. But any dog has the natural instinct to attack when scared or trying to protect their owner, puppies, or food. Even though a dog may be gentle and welcoming most of the time, there is always a possibility of the animal biting another person. In fact, more than 330,000 people receive treatment in emergency rooms annually as the result of dog bites and dog attacks.

The dog owner is the liable party in dog bite lawsuits. It does not matter if the owner did not know the dog would attack another individual. The owner must pay for all of the medical bills and property damage associated with the animal attack. In order to ensure that you will have a strong case, try to do the following things as quickly as possible after being attacked:

  • Identify the dog and its owner and get the address and phone number of the owner.
  • Get the name and relevant contact information of any person who witnessed the animal attack.
  • Take photographs of the wounds that the animal left on your body, as well as any other damage that resulted from the attack.

Victims of dog bites often suffer more than just the physical harm caused by the dog. Emotional damage is also a factor when dogs attack, and the compensation you get should reflect this. The right attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve on top of any medical bills or time off work.

Liability of the owner of the dog falls into these three kinds of law:

  • Dog-bite statute - The owner of the dog is automatically liable for any injury or property damage the dog causes without provocation.
  • One-bite rule - The animal owner is responsible for an injury caused by the animal if the owner knew the animal was likely to cause that injury.
  • Negligence - The dog owner is liable if the injury took place as a result of the owner's negligence or lack of controlling the dog.

There are exceptions to the owner's liability. For example, the owner is not liable for injuries imposed on those people who are committing a felony, trespassing, or provoking the dog at the time of the incident. Your case must be presented to prove the identity of the dog's owner and that the dog did in fact bite you without provocation. The right dog bite lawyer can prove the pain and suffering you endured as well as the emotional harm inflicted on you due to the attack.